Mémoires et Permanences

Explore the rich cultural tapestry of Ghana through the lens of 10 talented Ghanaian photographers at Alliance Française Accra, where an engaging exhibition curated by Alice Raymond awaits your exploration.

Mémoires et Permanences invites you to immerse yourself in Ghana's diverse narratives, showcasing 20 captivating photographs that encapsulate the essence of this vibrant nation.

Originally commissioned by Migrations Culturelles Afrique Aquitaine for Journées de la Mémoire 2023 in Bordeaux, where Ghana was honored, the exhibition offers a contemporary portrayal of the country and its people, celebrating their rich historical and heritage resources.

Following its successful debut in Bordeaux, we are thrilled to present this dynamic showcase at Alliance Française Accra. The exhibited pieces incorporate local materials, some transformed through collaboration with local weavers, offering perspectives on ecology, urban planning, and heritage.

Featured Artists:

Fibi Afloe (based in Nima, Accra) documents everyday life to be in touch with her community and understand their way of living. Through her photography she connects their stories to her own personal story. Her work includes street and everyday life as well as intimate portraiture, recurring themes as gender, climate change and culture. (@fibi_afloe)

George Koranteng is a documentary photographer based in Accra. He is a member of the African Photojournalism Database by the World Press Photo. He dedicates part of his time to documenting everyday Ghanaian lives, hoping that his photographs amplify the voices of the most vulnerable in society. (@photojournal.accra)

Isaac Gyamfi captures through his lens the joyful nature of his home country exploring its landscapes, people and culture. He is committed to experimental documentation of everyday life,observing the day-to-day experiences of his community with a keen eye for detail. His images are a reflection of the vibrant culture and people of Ghana. (@igyamfi6studio)

Ofoe Amegavie is a ghanaian photographer with a passion for all things cultural and spiritual in human societies. He is inspired by his own family’s ancestry, dating back to Togbui Sri I of Anloga, and its story of migration from the Volta Region to the coast of Ada-Foah in the Greater Accra region. (ofoeamegavie.com)

Ngminvielu Kuuire is specialized in photography, digital art, and filmmaking. With a passion for exploring the nuances of everyday life, she draws inspiration from her personal experiences as a woman to challenge established social systems surrounding identity, sexuality, gender, and social roles within the Ghanaian context. She was the recipient of the Portraits Ghana Photography Prize in 2017 and a finalist for the Kuenyehia Art Prize for contemporary artists in Ghana in 2018. (ngminvielukuuire.wordpress.com)

Ivy Gbeze is a photographer, a tour guide and a lover of night life. Her goal is to venture into photojournalism and documentary photography, capturing and telling stories through pictures. She has worked with Chef Binta, who seeks to train women in alternative processing and packaging of fonio (a crop grown in the Northern region), documenting her work with the women in this part of Ghana. (@spacesandpeople)

Kevin (Kay) Kwabia (Mpraeso, 1996) studied Textile Design and Technology. As a lover of nature who moved around Ghana, experiencing different natural landscapes influenced his perspective. This serves as the backdrop for the images he documents, to highlight the charm in the otherwise mundane and simple. @kaykwabia

Misper Apawu graduated in Marketing but followed her zeal to tell stories with images. As a young girl she was a hawker, selling sachet water in a local market. When photographers and tourists around the market would show the people their images, the smiles on their faces made her realize that this was something she wanted to do too. She received training and mentoring sponsored by Lensational. She is now a member of African women in photography and World Press's African Photojournalism database. She received a year mentorship from Women photograph and a grant from Doug Pensinger photographer fund. Her work focuses on women, sports, and the environment. (misperapawu.com

Nipah Dennis is pursuing social documentary interests and collaborating with local and international media organisations (AFP, AP, Reuters, etc). He seeks to produce images that demand consideration for the lives of the individuals they depict. He was one of the finalists of the 2017 Portrait Ghana competition; his work is part of the book "Encourage" by Visa Pour L’image and Canon Student Development Program. (nipahdennis.com)

 Teresa Menka is a documentary photographer based in Accra, Ghana. Largely self-taught, she is inspired by people and the traces they leave behind as they interact with their environment. She sees photography as a means to explore, interrogate life and make discoveries. (teresameka.com)

Alice Raymond is a visual artist based in Bordeaux and Accra in Ghana. She is curator for this exhibition. Her practice focuses on the relationship to territories, circulations and adaptation to environments. Her work has been presented in museums and institutes of contemporary art in the United States and France.

From traditional scenes to modern glimpses, each photograph offers a unique perspective on Ghana's vibrant culture. Explore various genres and viewpoints, from bustling markets to serene landscapes, as the exhibition invites you to immerse yourself in the heart of Ghana.

The exhibition will be on display at Alliance Française Accra from March 1st to April 20th, offering ample time for visitors to engage with these captivating images. Admission is free for all, providing an opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of Ghana's visual storytelling.

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First Three Images were taken by ©️ Laurent Blevennec / Présidence de la République

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