Creation Africa Ghana (CAG), an initiative launched by the French government and overseen by the Cultural and Cooperation department of the French Embassy in Ghana, aims at empowering entrepreneurs in the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs).

These industries encompass a wide range of sectors involving the creation, development, production, and distribution of goods, services, and activities with cultural, artistic, and/or heritage content, including:



Books & publishing



Audiovisual content

Digital creations

Museums & heritage


Visual arts

Video games

Fashion & luxury goods

Performing arts

Culinary arts

Recognizing the vital role of cultural and creative industries in promoting cultural diversity, fostering innovation, and driving sustainable economic development, CAG's primary objective is to bridge the gap between artistry and entrepreneurship by integrating cultural and creative actors into economic sectors.

CAG collaborates closely with Ghanaian partners to co-design programs that respond to the aspirations of young entrepreneurs, fostering a spirit of mutual respect and equality in partnership.


If my business is still in the ideation stage, can I apply?


The Creation Africa Ghana program is for entrepreneurs with existing activities in Ghana.

Will there be an information session before the application deadline?


All information can be found in this website.  

Can I contact the team?


You can contact the team via email at

Can I drop out of the program if I get in?


Participants of the program are mandated and required to stay and participate through the entire period of the program.

If a business has more than one founder, can they all apply for the program?


Two founders from the same business cannot apply for the program unless under a common project.

Can I partake in only one aspect of the program?


Applying for this program requires you to participate in all aspects of the program.