Création Africa Forum in Paris and Biennale Euro-Africa in Montpellier

From October 6th to 8th, 2023, Paris hosted the first-ever Création Africa Forum, a dynamic event dedicated to promoting contemporary African artistic Création and nurturing talent. The forum, held at the Gaîté Lyrique and the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (CNAM), served as a meeting ground for key figures in the African and European Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs). This inaugural gathering fostered networking, knowledge exchange, and collaborative opportunities among participants.

Ghana's delegation made a significant impact, with four outstanding representatives. Eyram Tawia, CEO of Leti Arts, a video game studio, and Francis Brown, Creative director at AnimaxFYB, an animation studio, played pivotal roles as jury members in pitch sessions related to their respective fields. Jessica Hagan, a gifted screenwriter and playwright, clinched the prestigious Séjour Culture X Africa Création prize with her remarkable TV show pitch. Akosua Hanson, renowned for her Création of the Moongirls comic novel series and as a radio show host, hosted an engaging podcast session, spotlighting the works of African cultural industry players.

The Forum itself seeks to become a leading event for cultural and creative professionals from both continents. The Forum is spearheaded by Secretary General Liz Gomis, who is also the curator of the upcoming project, Maison des Mondes Africains et des Diasporas, a dedicated space for African thought and creativity.

The Ghanaian delegation, joined later by Michael Ansah, Director of RFX Studios, and musician Mawuli Jiagge, also participated in the Biennale Euro-Africa. This event aimed to explore opportunities for cultural, scientific, and economic cooperation between Europe and Africa. It also aimed to strengthen connections between research and innovation ecosystems and celebrate the diverse cultures of both regions.

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First Three Images were taken by ©️ Laurent Blevennec / Présidence de la République

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